Have You Checked the Sandbox Lately?


Sandbox cover

You probably began the spring and summer right by preparing your kids’ sandbox for another season of play.  Have you taken a look at the sandbox since then?  Checking on the sandbox periodically through the summer is a task that can be easy to forget.  Summer activities keep us busy, and there’s not always a lot of leftover time to accomplish everything we wish we could.

Now that I’ve placed the bug in your ear, take a moment today to check out the sandbox and make sure it’s still safe for the kids:

  1. Inspect the Sand Toys — Look for any broken or otherwise damaged toys and toss them in the recycling bin or garbage can.  This is also a good time to look for any lost kitchen utensils or missing shoes.  I’m often surprised at what treasures I find buried in the sand.
  2. Check the Sand — Rocks, sticks, broken bits of debris that may have blown into the sandbox can be hazardous and should be removed.  Take this opportunity, too, to top off the sandbox with fresh sand as the level has probably decreased since the beginning of the season.
  3. Cover the Sandbox — One of the most essential tips for taking care of a sandbox is to keep it covered when it’s not in use.  Local animals love to use sandboxes as their own personal litter boxes.  Once the sand has been contaminated, it needs to be completely replaced for the health and safety of the kids who play there.  Sandbox covers also prevent sand from blowing out on windy days; they deter insects from making a home in the sand; and they keep sticks, leaves, and other debris from falling into the sand and creating potential hazards.

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