Leaves, Covers and Your Swimming Pool

Winter Pool Cover

Almost everyone enjoys hanging out at the pool, and swimming pool owners are incredibly lucky to have access to so much fun and relaxation in their backyard. But one thing that can ruin a pool quickly is unsanitary conditions. And while chemicals, filters, and skimming tools all help keep a pool clean there’s no doubt that a pool cover is important as well. Not only that, but most will agree that leaves are among the biggest issue that a swimming pool owner can deal with once the hot summer months dwindle into the fall.

There are plenty of swimming pool owners out there who don’t bother covering their pool at all. They simply add chemicals to their pool when needed over the fall and winter, skim out leaves and debris as needed, and then open up the pool the next spring. Maybe they don’t think that a cover is a good investment, that it’s just a purchase they don’t have to make since it’s not vital to their swimming pool’s regular operation.

Of course, these are usually the same pool owners who spend hours out of their day fighting leaves, cursing about algae growth, hoping their pool doesn’t turn into a frog pond, and then investing a day or more in getting the pool ready for use in the spring. If you’re one of these owners, or are a new pool owner and don’t want to fall into the same problems that these owners face, buying a pool cover is a simple solution.

A huge number of problems with a swimming pool over the fall and winter come from leaves, even if pool owners don’t realize it at the time. The obvious problem is that leaves can clog a pump system, damage the filter, and more. That can cost you a huge amount of money on its own, and makes a strong case for investing in a good pool cover. And when you think about how long it can take to get those leaves out, the case becomes even clearer. Sure, a net and a skimmer will work, but it can take a long, long time to get those leaves out. And with time being so precious these days, why would you want to battle with leaves when you could just put a cover on a pool and be done with it?

Another area that leaves impact is the color of your pool’s water. Yes, we’re talking now about algae growth. Left unchecked, algae can take over a pool and turn it into an emerald lagoon. It may be somewhat pretty to look at, but nobody really wants to go for a dip in it. Sunlight is one of the key catalysts for algae growth, but the breakdown of plant matter within your pool will cause algae, mold, and other issues to grow quickly. By keeping leaves out, you’ll be keeping the green out. And of course, the cover blocks out the sun as well and thus stops algae growth as well.

Leaves can also attract critters that you don’t want. Add some plant matter to a pool of water and quickly you’ll start noticing frogs, bugs, and even snakes on the surface. If you don’t want your pool to turn into a giant Petri dish for bacteria, microbes, and slithering, creeping critters, covering it up is a good idea.

Basically, leaves can have a bigger impact on your swimming pool than you probably realize. Unless you’ve got days to waste skimming and removing them as they drop off the trees, putting a cover on the pool is a better idea. And taking it a step further and adding a leaf net to the top of your swimming pool cover will help even more. Either way, don’t wage a war that you don’t have to fight. Adding a swimming pool cover simplifies the entire process of pool maintenance, and stops the fight against leaves before it even starts. And if you want an easy way to remove leaves from on top of the cover, lay a leaf net over the cover and the leaves can be easily removed.

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