ATV vs UTV – Do You Know the Difference?

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You know that ATVs and UTVs are handy and fun vehicles to have around your home, but do you know the difference between the two? Make sure that you are getting the most possible use out of your recreational vehicle by understanding what they do and making sure that you have the right one to fit your needs.

ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle. ATVs, such as traditional three and four wheelers, are mainly used for recreation. They can make sharp, quick turns and travel at faster speeds than UTVs. They are usually windshield and roof-less. You can add additional protection to an ATV with an ATV cabin cover.

UTVs, also known as utility vehicles, are better equipped for handling heavy work loads. They allow not only more space to haul tools, but also more space for passengers because of the expanded seating. They are more steady and do not make tight, wide turns like an ATV. UTVs are normally taller and wider than ATVs and will often come complete with a windshield and roof. Both UTVs and ATVs can make be great additions to your home. They will provide not only the horsepower to get your chores done, but also a source of recreation. When you are not using you vehicle, be sure to protect it with either an ATV storage cover or a UTV storage cover. They are durable and affordable, making sure that you get years of protection for a low price.

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    I am looking for a cab for my ATV Can-am Outlander with a passenger seat. Can you help me get some information and cost.

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