Custom Shade Cloth for Pergolas

Shade Cloth for Pergolas

Pergolas are beautiful pieces of woodwork. However, they can become hot and unpleasant in the months when temperatures are rising. They can also be limited in their enjoyment because of rain or unpleasant weather. Although there are sometimes when you just won’t be able to enjoy yours, you can improve the odds of using it by investing in a custom shade cloth for pergolas that will fit yours and keep the harsh sun and rain out. This gives you more days that you can spend outdoors and gives you more ways to enjoy your pergola.

Shade covers for pergolas are all about helping you get more from your outdoor living space. They can be taken on and off with ease so that you can have shade and protection when you want it and have an open top when you don’t. That’s the beauty of a pergola, after all, is that it isn’t closed in and cage-like. It’s just an open-air structure that looks beautiful in any garden. With a shade cloth, it will be even more beautiful and give you even more to love.

If you don’t have a standard pergola, finding the best shade cloth can be hard. It requires having the right size or buying something that’s too big and looks horrid when you put it on. The best option here is to have custom work done so that you get a shade cloth for pergolas that will give you exactly what you need. This isn’t expensive, either. It will cost more than buying stock pieces, but it is actually going to be rather affordable when you order custom work online from a reputable shade and cover retailer that knows what they are doing.

Enjoying the outdoor living space is a lot of fun. Now that spring is getting near, it’s important for you to clean up the outdoors and get it ready for all of your enjoyment. Investing in a shade cloth for pergolas might give you more opportunities to enjoy your space and make your outdoors more inviting for everyone. Take the time to look online and see what you can find, no matter what you might be looking for in various shades and covers for your outdoor furniture. The world of covers is at your fingertips and it’s up to you to make sure that you get what you want for a good deal, which is easy.

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  1. Larry Lewis says:

    Hello Jana, The Commercial 95 mesh material is designed for UV blockage only. We do however sell the Sunbrella material that can be used as shade cloth and is waterproof but has to be installed with at least a 10% slope to allow the water to run off. If you have any other questions please feel free to give us a call, 1-888-246-6909.

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