Solar Pool Covers – A Cheap and Green Way to Heat a Swimming Pool


Swimming in a Cold Pool

Taking a dip in a frigid swimming pool is not most people’s idea of relaxing, unless you happen to be a polar bear.  Running the pool heater non-stop is not the most cost-effective or environmentally friendly idea, though, for warming up the water.  Many pool owners find that Solar Pool Covers offer the best of both worlds. Solar Cover or Solar BlanketA solar pool cover, sometimes referred to as a solar blanket, looks like an enormous sheet of bubble wrap.  It lies on the surface of the pool water and absorbs heat from the sun.  The solar cover transfers that heat to the pool water, increasing its temperature by as much as 10-15 degrees.  When in place during day or night, the solar cover keeps heat from escaping the pool and significantly decreases water evaporation.  This results in water that stays warmer and chemically balanced for longer periods.  Pool owners save money on water, chemicals, and energy while enjoying comfortable water temperatures well beyond the standard swimming season. Solar covers, or covers of any kind, should always be completely removed from the pool before swimmers enter the water.