Throwing Snow? Protect Yourself in a Cab

Snow Thrower Cabs

It’ll be here sooner than you think…snow.  Are you prepared?  Have you checked your snow thrower to see that it is still in good working order?  Do you have a Snow Thrower Cab for protection?  If not, try to remember using the snow thrower during last year’s snow…

The freezing wind blows the loose, wet snow into your face and down your neck.  It doesn’t matter how many layers of winter clothing and outerwear you have on, that biting wind and icy snow find a way in, making the job of clearing your driveway and sidewalks a never-ending nightmare.  After you finish, there’s little room for satisfaction because you know that you’ll have to pull out the snow thrower again in a few days after the next snow falls.

Something as simple as a Snow Thrower Cab can make the chore of clearing snow immeasurably more pleasant.  A cab protects your head, torso, and hands from exposure to wind and moisture, which allows you to complete the job more effectively and with much less discomfort.  A Snow Thrower Cab attaches easily to your two-stage snow thrower, and it can be removed quickly for storage.

One thought on “Throwing Snow? Protect Yourself in a Cab

  1. Lauren Scott says:

    Thanks for your article. We just moved to Chicago and are very concerned about the cold weather. We may look into a snow cab!

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