A Tarp Is Not Always the Answer

Car Covers

A tarp is a fabulously handy and versatile friend for the homeowner.  A standard, solid tarp can keep a stack of firewood dry, serve as an easily movable surface on which to dump yard waste, and protect your garage, basement, or workshop floor during messy projects.  A tarp, though, should never be used as a car cover.

Car covers are constructed of breathable materials that allow moisture to evaporate from between the cover and the car’s surface.  Solid tarps are not breathable, and if used regularly as a car cover, a tarp can actually damage the exterior of your car.  Trapped moisture can cause discoloration, corrosion, and mildew.  So, save the tarp for the wood pile or the garage floor, and invest in a proper car cover that will adequately protect your car from moisture and other potentially damaging environmental factors.

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