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Car Covers and Truck Covers Are an Important Way to Protect Your Vehicle. How is your transportation affected during these tough economic times? With the unemployment rate at record highs and the threat of more layoffs and business closings to come, new cars sales are way down. Even if you are lucky enough to have a job now, are you willing to take on a 48 or 60 month car note? Buying a new or used vehicle may not be a viable option at this time, so taking care of the one you have now is the best bet. Take care of the big issues first. If your car or truck is not as dependable as you need or want it to be, you should consider investing in the maintenance of the engine, power train, transmission, and other mechanical parts. If there are already mechanical problems, you should definitely have these corrected so that they won’t cause additional problems and add to any future repair costs. Also, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for preventative maintenance and the schedule by which they should be performed. Preventative maintenance can save you a great deal of money by catching potentially big problems before they happen. Keeping your car or truck looking good requires only an occasional washing and waxing, and the use of a high quality vehicle cover. Car covers and truck covers are especially useful when your vehicle does not enjoy the shelter of an enclosed garage. But, even if you have an enclosed garage, car covers and truck covers are handy for when you are away from home, at work, on vacation, or in any location where shelter for your vehicle is not available. Car covers and truck covers protect your vehicle from exposure to harsh weather conditions, including snow, rain, sleet, ice, and the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, all of which can significantly damage the appearance of your vehicle over time. Taking proper care of your existing vehicle rather than yearning for a new one will save you a lot of money, especially in these precarious economic times. You may be amazed how long your car or truck stays in good working order when you follow basic steps to maintain it. If you do, it may be quite some time before you will need to worry about your transportation situation again.

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