The Right Way to Cover a Car


Car Covers and Vehicle Covers

Using a car cover seems self-explanatory, but there is actually a correct way to do it to avoid accidental surface damage to your vehicle’s exterior.   It’s a natural instinct to cover and uncover a vehicle by sliding the car cover across the vehicle’s surface. Sliding a cover on and off is an efficient way to do it, but it’s also a potential cause for some of the mysterious surface scratches and abrasions that car owners may find on the vehicle. Dirt or debris on the car’s exterior is usually to blame. Any dirt or debris on the car’s exterior or on the car cover itself can cause surface abrasions as the cover slides across the finish. Instead of sliding car covers on and off, drivers should roll or fold them as they go. Doing so can prevent damage from occurring.

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  1. Mathew Rux says:

    Who knew there was a right way to use a car cover! Helpful article and a smart purchase.

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