Prepare Now for Winter Power Outage

With bitter cold temperatures dominating much of the country’s weather reports, the last thing you want is to be unprepared should your power get knocked out by snowy, icy, or windy weather conditions.  Here are some tips for preparing for a winter emergency:
  • Keep plenty of clean, warm blankets on hand for each member of the family, including pets.
  • Stock up on firewood in case the fireplace becomes your only source of heat during a power outage.
  • Pack a box or bin with bottles of water and pre-packaged food that requires no heating or refrigeration.
  • Make sure your generator is filled with fuel, and have extra on hand.  Also, protect your generator with a generator cover when it’s not in use so you can rely on it to work properly when you need it most.
If you do experience a power outage this winter, hopefully it will be of short duration.  Ensuring that you and your family are prepared for this situation before it happens is the best way make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Generator Covers

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