Green RVs Save Resources and Money

There’s no doubt that oversized, gas-guzzling Recreational Vehicles exist.  But the RV industry is working hard to make greener, more environmentally friendly RVs to help conserve resources and to meet the needs of more earth-conscious (and money-conscious) travelers.  For example, lighter and smaller RVs reduce the need to fill up at the gas station as often, while hybrid and electric RVs and motor-homes make gas station visits rare or non-existent.

In addition, environmentally friendly features available in RV interiors add even more value.  Energy Star appliances, LED light fixtures, and eco-friendly textiles are just a few of the green components going into newer Recreational Vehicles.

RV vacations mean freedom for many travelers — freedom to go when and where you want, and to have the comforts of home along every mile.  Taking to the road feels even better when you can drive a “green machine” that truly saves money and resources when compared to more traditional travel.  Truck Camper RV Covers

Saving money and resources is also important when you’re not out on the road.  Cover your RV with protective RV covers when the vehicle is not in use.  RV covers extend the life of your RV or motor-home by protecting it from exposure to harsh weather and other damaging elements.

The Recreational Vehicle has been around for a hundred years, and it will surely be around for another hundred thanks to new innovations that allow travelers to go lightly and make less of an impact on the environment.

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