Easy Tips for Maintaining Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron patio furniture brings a timeless, romantic quality to patios, decks, and porches.  If cared for properly, it can last an indefinite number of years.  If not properly cared for, though, wrought iron can chip, rust, and lose its original appeal.  While wrought iron furniture doesn’t require a lot of special treatment, it does need to be cleaned and checked periodically to ensure that it stays in the same good condition as it was when you first acquired it.

How to Clean Wrought Iron

  1. Using a clean rag or sponge, wipe down your furniture with a mix of mild dish soap and warm water.  This will ensure a gentle, but thorough, cleaning.
  2. If you encounter more stubborn dirt or minor rust, sand those areas lightly with a medium to fine grit sandpaper.  Wipe clean, and touch up the area with the appropriate type of paint.  If touch up paint did not come with your furniture when you purchased it, you can find touch up paint at your local hardware store.

How to Protect Wrought Iron

Just like any patio furniture, wrought iron should be properly protected when not in use.  The best way to doPatio Furniture Covers this is by using patio furniture covers.  Patio furniture covers protect wrought iron from damaging weather conditions and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.  Covering your wrought iron furniture after each use or at the end of the season is completely up to you.  Be prepared to spend more time cleaning and maintaining the furniture, though, if you decide to wait until fall or winter to cover it up.

Overall, maintaining wrought iron patio furniture is easy and requires very few supplies.  It does, however, require periodic care to keep chipping and rusting at bay.

4 thoughts on “Easy Tips for Maintaining Wrought Iron Furniture

  1. Wrought Iron Pittsburgh says:

    It indeed brought a timeless romantic feeling when attached to such chairs. Sitting so classy at the same time.

  2. Today's Patio says:

    Wrought Iron furniture sure is classic and timeless. To retain its timeless appeal, it needs to be cleaned and taken cared of. It will be a family heirloom when it is taken cared of well. Nice post.

  3. Steve says:

    Once you have purchased a beautiful set of wrought iron patio furniture, it’s wise to learn how to maintain it so that you have many years of use. Wrought Iron patio furniture is virtually indestructible but it does require a bit of maintenance.
    Always wash your wrought iron patio furniture with warm, soapy water. You may want to wash wrought iron patio furniture every spring and fall and anytime in between when it needs it. Damage to the paint finish of your wrought iron patio furniture may cause corrosion, so when you see a nick in the paint you will need to touch it up immediately.
    To maintain the gloss on non-textured wrought iron patio furniture, protect with an automotive wax, any brand will do. When the wrought iron patio furniture has a texture, it is best to apply mineral or baby oil several times during the season.

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