Commercial 95 Mesh Shade Sails in Standard Sizes – 22 Colors

Breathable Mesh Provides Cool Shade with up to 98% UV Blockage

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Mesh Shade Sails

Our Commercial 95 Mesh Shade Sails in Standard Sizes not only offer FREE SHIPPING but also deliver exceptional protection against the sun’s harsh UV rays. Available in various standard shapes, sizes, and colors, they cater to the needs of both homeowners and business proprietors. You can choose from square, rectangle, equilateral triangle, and right angle triangle shade sail shapes.

Crafted from Synthesis’s top-notch Commercial 95 mesh fabric, these shade sails are designed to keep you cool and comfortable, even in scorching weather. This advanced fabric is both moisture-resistant and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, providing an impressive UV protection factor of up to 98 percent. Thanks to its knitted construction, as opposed to weaving, it is highly durable and won’t easily tear or fray. Moreover, the Commercial 95 fabric is backed by a limited 15-Year Warranty against UV degradation only.

Our Commercial 95 Mesh Sun Sails are equipped with 1-1/2 inch UV inhibitive reinforcement webbing as the standard for typical residential use, suitable for sails of up to approximately 325 square feet. The 1-1/2 inch webbing boasts an approximate break strength of 1,800 pounds. For larger shade sails or locations prone to above-average high winds, we recommend upgrading to 2-inch webbing, with an approximate break strength of 5,500 pounds. If needed, we also offer reinforced 1/8 inch cables with a break strength of around 2,000 pounds, and 1/4 inch cables with a break strength of approximately 6,000 pounds. Each corner is fortified with a welded, solid, marine-grade stainless steel attachment ring, ensuring secure attachment to structurally robust points.

Comparison of Shade Sail dimension with Attachment Points
120in = Attachment Point Dimensions
108in = Shade Sail Dimensions

Upon providing us with your mounting point measurements, our shade sails are meticulously designed with a deliberate reduction of roughly 10 percent from your attachment point measurements. This adjustment is essential to accommodate the necessary space for mounting hardware and to ensure proper tensioning of the sail. Please note that all final measurements are approximate, as they may vary slightly due to tolerances in the fabricating process.

When installed properly, shade sails do not sag or flap in the wind.

Commercial 95 fabric is not waterproof and rain will not puddle on the sails. Thus they do not have to be hung with a slope like the solid Sunbrella shade sails do.

Installing Commercial 95 Mesh Shade Sails is a straightforward process. You can affix them to residences, trees, or freestanding steel poles or wooden posts. They can also be securely linked to a house or positioned between buildings with the appropriate hardware. In open spaces, support is achieved using wood posts or steel columns anchored in concrete footings.

NOTE* it is recommended that they be taken down in areas of the country that receives snow regularly. Snow loads could possibly cause damage to them if they are left up year round.

Why do Shade Sails have Curves in the sides?

The perimeter of each sail is designed with a curve (also referred to as a gore) inwards towards the center of the sail to control the fabric tension. Shade Sails have reinforced webbing around the perimeter and marine stainless steel d-rings or “Delta” rings at each corner. Years ago, people would hang up a tarp with straight sides and grommets in the corners over what they wanted to protect or to shade an area. The grommets in the corners of the tarp were attached and tensioned to the mounting points. The outside edges of the tarp would be tensioned tight, however the middle of the tarp would sag and flap in the wind. So curves were put in the edges of the perimeter and once the corners were pulled, that would attempt to straighten out the curves in the sides, but they could not because they were attached to the fabric in the center of the shade sail. This effect would in turn tighten up the fabric in the center of the shade sail. This eliminates the sagging or loose fabric like in the middle of the tarp with the grommets. When properly tensioned, the fabric will not wrinkle, sag, or flap in the wind.

Note: Due to the available Commercial 95 fabric widths, and depending on the size ordered, your shade sail may have seams.

Read More on How to Clean the Commercial 95 Mesh Material or Commercial 95 Fabric Specifications

Due to manufacturing tolerances and fabric stretch, finished shade sail dimensions may vary 1.5″ +/-. 

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Available Colors (Click to Enlarge)
Shade Sail Desert Sand
Desert Sand
Shade Sail Natural White
Natural White
Com95 White
Ochre Red Revised Swatch Large
Deep Ochre
Shade Sail Cherry Red
Cherry Red
Com95 Orange
Commercial95 Rivergum Large
Shade Sail Brunswick Green
Brunswick Green
Com95 Bright Green
Bright Green
Shade Sail Yellow
Commercial95 Black
Com95 Charcoal
Commercial 95 Steel Gray 2
Steel Gray
Commercial95 Gun Metal Large
Gun Metal
Com95 Stone
Com95 Driftwood
Commercial 95 Navy Blue Large
Commercial 95 Sky Blue Large
Sky Blue
Shade Sail Turquoise
Com95 Bluebird
Shade Sail Aquatic Blue
Aquatic Blue
Com95 Aquamarine

All standard size shade sails are NOT Stock Shade Sails – They are made when ordered. Once made, we may not ever have that certain size or color ordered again so therefore, all sales are final. No returns or refunds will be accepted. Orders cannot be changed or cancelled after 1 business day from the time the order was placed.