Stellex Boat Cover

    $118.00 $94.95

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    ModelFits SizeStock #Price
    Model AAFits: 12' to 14'L beam width to 68" V-Hull Fishing Boats20-144-070501-00$94.95
    Model AFits: 14'-16' L beam width to 75" V-Hull Fishing Boats20-145-080501-00$102.95
    Model BFits: 14'-16' L beam width to 90" V-Hull Runabouts outboards and I/O Tri-Hull Runabouts outboards and I/O Aluminum Bass Boats20-146-090501-00$112.95
    Model CFits: 16'-18.5' L beam width to 98" Fish and Ski Boats Pro-Style Bass Boats20-147-100501-00$133.95
    Model DFits: 17'- 19' L beam width to 102" V-Hull Runabouts outboards and I/O20-148-110501-00$140.95
    Model EFits: 20'-22' L beam width to 106" V-Hull Runabouts outboards and I/O20-149-120501-00$160.95