SkyShield™ Class C Winter Cover


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Model Fits Size Stock # Price
A 20ft L and 122in H 80-375-101401-EX $538.95
B 20ft to 23ft L and 122in H 80-376-101501-EX $567.95
C 23ft to 26ft L and 122in H 80-377-101601-EX $618.95
D 26ft to 29ft L and 122in H 80-378-101701-EX $663.95
E 29ft to 32ft L and 122in H 80-379-101801-EX $708.95
F 32ft to 35ft L and 125in H 80-380-101901-EX $742.95
G 35ft to 38ft L and 125in H 80-381-102001-EX $789.95