Above Ground Rugged Mesh Winter Pool Covers

Mesh Winter Covers for Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Rugged Mesh Winter Pool Covers


Our exclusive Rugged Mesh cover makes spring clean up a snap. The secret to this unique cover is the tightly woven scrim that holds together ensuring that no gaps or holes develop, like in traditional mesh covers. Because the integrity of the mesh holds together, only rainwater and very fine silt can pass through. The result is a cleaner pool next spring, and no heavy water to lift off.

Rugged Mesh’s fine mesh allows rain and snow to slowly fill your pool, saving water and chemicals in the spring. Since our scrim is so tightly woven, the cover allows almost no sunlight through and ensures an algae-free pool in the spring. Arctic Armor’s Rugged Mesh covers are made from tough U.V. protected woven polyethylene that is strong enough to handle ice, snow, sleet, and high winds. Rugged double stitched hems are triple reinforced for strength, and the cover’s black underside retards algae growth.

All above-ground Rugged Mesh covers have a 4 foot overlap and include a cable and winch. Backed by an 8-Year Warranty.

Your cover is made to have water accumulate on top of it. This is normal. Water on top of the cover will hold it in place and help to protect your cover
from wind damage. This water will slowly drain through the mesh cover, and it will not damage your cover in any way. Do not pump the water off the cover during the fall.

Your cover
should fit on your pool as shown here

Installation Instructions

Please Note: If you are planning on draining your water any more than 18″ it is recommended that you get the next larger size.