Toy Hauler RV Covers and Screens

Protective Covers and Screens for Toy Haulers

Protective Cover for Toy Hauler Camper

Taking your most prized and expensive toys along with you when you travel can be easily done thanks to recreational vehicles known as Toy Haulers. ATVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and more can travel safely and be ready to use when you reach your destination. Toy haulers are available as fifth-wheel RVs, motorhomes, or travel trailers, and each vehicle is designed to have two separate parts — a living area in front, and a garage area in back for your “toys.”

When you’re not out on the open road enjoying the beautiful scenery and local flavors, be sure to protect your home away from home by covering it with Protective RV Covers from An RV Cover keeps your investment safe from exposure to sun, rain, birds, dirt, and harsh weather and environmental conditions so you can continue to enjoy the freedom of traveling on your own terms for many years to come.

Please note: These covers fit toy haulers up to 130″ high. Height is measured from ground to roof, excluding AC units. Overall length includes the bumper and ladder, but not the hitch.

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