Shade Sails - FAQs Just for You

Frequently Asked Questions about Shade Sails

Are Shade Sail structures cost effective? Extremely cost effective, especially when you take into account the benefit gained through providing shade and the life span of the product. Can Shade Sails enhance the appearance and value of my home? Yes, most definitely. With the development of Shade Sails over the past 13 years in innovation, design, and application as well as the tasteful use of color, both aesthetics and added value can be achieved. Can the Shade Sail be attached to the house? It depends. Generally, if the house has a brick outer wall, or the connection can be made into the rafter beams, then we will say yes. Do Shade Sails and Structures require maintenance? Yes, basic maintenance and care on a regular basis is necessary to ensure your installation maintains its original looks and shape. Regular cleaning and inspection of the tension will ensure long life of the fabric and a trouble free installation. Is a lightweight Shade Cloth for Shade Sails an advantage? Yes. A lightweight strong and stable shade fabric is very important when it comes to the stress and strains shade sails are subjected to. A lightweight yet strong, well tensioned sail subjected to extreme weather conditions will not put excessive strain on the support structure, provided the structure is adequately designed and installed. Is the shade cloth waterproof? No it is not waterproof. In a light rain, the moisture will run off, but in a heavy downpour, water will come through. It is designed to shade and cool; therefore, the fabric is permeable to allow heated air to escape as it rises. Is the UV percent block the same for all colors and shade fabrics? No, the sun has a different effect on each color; therefore, each color will have a different UV percentage. For example, BLACK has a 99 percent UV blockage while WHITE has only 78 percent. In addition, the UV percent block can differ significantly between different makes of shade cloth. Is the UV percent block important? Yes, very important. We are all aware of the harmful effects of the sun. The higher UV percent block fabrics allow fewer UV rays to penetrate, giving you more protection outdoors. What is Coolaroo® Fabric? Coolaroo's® unique long life knitted fabric provides you with shade temperature reduction, 90 percent UV blocking, and privacy screening. It is also backed by a manufacturer's 5 year guarantee.