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Tips for Finding Your Pool Cover – Things to Know

Rayner Mesh Safety Covers

Buying a swimming pool cover is a good idea. When cooler weather starts to roll in, the time’s drawing close to shut down your pool for the year and adding a swimming pool cover to your shut down process will help save you money, reduce the time and energy you spend maintaining and opening the pool next year, and could even help give you peace of mind if you add a safety pool cover to the pool. But while deciding to use a pool cover isn’t hard to do, actually buying the right cover for your needs can be a little bit trickier. There are a lot of covers out there, and we want to make sure that you find the right cover quickly. There are a few things to remember that will help you track down the perfect pool cover.

To find the best pool cover for your pool, you need to learn a little more about them. Specifically, you need to understand the scrim number. While you can take a look at the number of years covered under warranty to get a good indicator of quality, the scrim number is an actual figure that shows you how durable a cover is. It’s referring to the weave that is used during the manufacturing process, and to put it simply the higher the scrim number the better the cover will be.

Size matters, and so does shape. It’s obvious that finding the best fit for your pool is important, but buyers need to keep in mind the fact that some information out there and even some dealers will say that you can buy a cover that doesn’t really fit your pool. Buying a rectangular cover for a round pool, for example, or purchasing one that is larger than you need just to simplify the process, is often touted as a possibility when you’re shopping. But the fact is that while these covers may work, they won’t really provide the kind of fit that really has a major impact on your pool’s overall maintenance. Not only that, but buying a cover that doesn’t match your pool will actually void any warranty it holds.

Speaking of warranties, it’s worth mentioning that whether you’re buying an above ground swimming pool cover or an in ground pool cover you should always think about the warranty. These covers are an investment for your pool that is designed to last for many years. Be sure to take a close look at the warranty so you can get the most from a cover. Our covers come with great warranties to help let customers know they’re getting a great product.

When you shop for a cover, be sure to keep all of these points in mind. If you do, you should have little trouble finding the perfect cover for your pool. Basically, a swimming pool cover will help you keep your pool from turning into a lagoon over the fall and winter. A cover will simplify your maintenance, and these tips should help to simplify the search for the right pool cover.

Safety Pool Covers or Winter Pool Covers?

Solid Safety Pool Cover

If you’re like most people, your family’s swimming pool is one of the most important parts of your home. It doesn’t matter what size or what type of pool it is, either. Kids and adults appreciate having a place to relax, have fun, and escape from the heat. But a pool needs to be taken care of. That goes beyond things like chlorine and pool skimming. You need to invest in a quality swimming pool cover as well. While there are plenty of considerations to make when you start looking into your pool, one of the first things to think about is whether to go with a regular winter cover or a safety pool cover.


Regular winter pool covers are just what they sound like. They’re designed to stretch over the pool and keep leaves and other debris from collecting in the pool. They’ll also help reduce algae growth since they block out most of the sun, and they can reduce the hazards of a pool since they prevent animals from trying to drink from the water. But in terms of a dog or a child falling into the pool, a regular winter cover won’t really be much of a safeguard.


Safety pool covers, on the other hand, are much different. These are designed to actually give parents peace of mind when they shut down their pools. Considering that drowning is the second leading cause of death for people between 1 and 14 years of age, covering your pool when you have kids is a good idea. Safety pool covers are rated to actually stand up to large amounts of weight. They’re available in a mesh or solid form, each of which will keep your family safe. Whether it’s the family pet or your toddler, they’re worth thinking about when it comes to protection.


Mesh safety pool covers are designed to allow water to drain into the pool. This way rain doesn’t puddle on the cover and weigh it down. They’re a little cheaper and will have a ten year guarantee or more in most cases. Solid safety covers are similar, but they have a mesh drain panel in the middle of the cover or they can be solid and use a pump to keep the water off of the cover. Areas with heavy snow or with large amounts of debris are usually places where you need to go with mesh since the buildup of weight with a solid cover can cause a major problem and weaken the cover. Both types of safety pool covers connect to anchors that are located in certain points around the pool, and they allows homeowners to quickly and easily connect the cover to a fixed point and give it the high level of strength that it needs.


The main question when deciding between safety covers or winter pool covers is really just what you need to keep safe. If you have children, a safety cover is probably worth the extra investment. Even if they’re strong swimmers, keep in mind that a slip on ice beside the pool could cause unconsciousness. No matter how strong the swimmer, having a pool cover that protects against drowning is important. If you don’t have kids or pets, then you may not really need to take the extra step of buying a safety cover. Unless, of course, you’re worried about your own safety when you go near the pool.


One more thing that is worth keeping in mind concerning your pool cover is that no matter which type of cover you buy, don’t make the mistake of ordering a basic rectangular cover for your pool if it is a different shape. Some dealers will tell you that you can do so and save a bit of money, but they leave out the fact that buying these covers for a different type of pool will void the warranty. We make sure to offer a wide range of covers for anyone that needs them, so be sure to find the one that actually fits your pool perfectly instead of investing in a pool cover that won’t fit correctly.