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Why Quality Watercraft Boat Covers Matter

Boat Cover

Drive through most parts of the country – especially those near lakes or the ocean – and you’ll start to notice plenty of boats or jet skis in driveways, carports, and yards. And depending on the time of year you’ll probably notice that those water crafts are covered. Covering up your investment offers peace of mind and the protection that it deserves. But there are usually two types of covers you’ll spot. In most cases you’ll see a quality, form-fitting boat cover or jet ski cover stretched over the boat and held in place by secure straps. But in some cases you’ll see cheap tarps or pieces of plastic tossed over a watercraft, held in place by bits of string, bungee cords, or even nothing at all.

It’s obvious which watercraft owner values their boat or jet ski more in these cases, and it should also be very obvious why actually buying a quality watercraft cover maters. Sure, you could purchase a cheap tarp from the local Big-Box retailer and throw it over your boat. But you’re not giving your boat the protection it deserves when you do that. There are numerous reasons that buying an actual boat cover or jet ski cover makes much more sense and is well worth doing, and taking a quick look at some of those reasons should help you see why it’s so important.

For starters, a cheapo tarp or cover just isn’t going to do its job as well as a quality one. They will be very thin and very prone to rips and tears. One snowfall on the tarp could tear it to shreds. With a quality boat cover you’ll get a durable, trustworthy cover for your boat instead of something that will fall apart when you need it most. Simply put, you get what you pay for and while boat covers or jet ski covers aren’t that expensive, they’ll cost a little bit more than a cheap alternative. But that price is well worth paying.

Jet Ski Covers

The fit actually matters as well – more than most people realize. If you purchase a quality watercraft cover you’ll get a near-perfect fit for your boat or jet ski. This means that your boat cover will snugly cover your boat and leave very little extra space. Take another look at those boats or jet skis that are covered by a cheaper kind of cover. There will probably be plenty of extra tarp dangling off the boat, or at the very least there won’t be a very tight fit. This means a couple of things.

First, that when the wind starts to blow your cheap improvised cover may rip right off your boat. With a quality boat cover you’ll get a fit that won’t allow the wind to slip beneath it and carry it away, rip it, or even damage your boat. Second, all that space can allow animals to get into your boat during long periods of disuse. There are even stories of boat owners finding hibernating snakes underneath their tarp come springtime. A form fitting boat or jet ski cover won’t let that happen to you in the least.

With jet skis and even boats that fit and the quality straps also makes transportation easier. With the right boat cover in place you can actually haul your boat to the water while it’s still undercover. Anyone who’s ever had to deal with damage from road debris slung into their boat by tires on the open road will instantly be able to spot the advantages of this. Try going down the road with a loose, cheap tarp tied to your boat and see how quickly it becomes a parachute billowing in the wind – probably leading to you getting pulled over.

There’s another simple reason that making an investment in a quality boat cover or jet ski cover just makes sense. If you did drive through an area and notice those boats covered in different types of covers, there’s probably one thing that stood out in your mind. Simply put, the boats with a quality cover on them looked nice. The boats with a cheap tarp secured haphazardly to them probably looked ugly, unsightly, and even embarrassing. You’ve invested in your boat, so why let it linger over the colder months looking like a pile of garbage beneath an ugly tarp?

All of these points help illustrate the one basic thing that boat owners need to understand – there is really no reason not to purchase a quality boat cover for your boat. The prices are lower than most people realize and the level of protection they provide is simply too high to ignore. If you own a boat or jet ski, getting a quality watercraft cover is one of the smartest boat accessory purchases that you can make. You’ll get a snug, secure fit, all weather protection, and a durable product that won’t fall apart at the first signs of weather or weight.


Tractor and Mower Covers – Perfect no Matter the Time of Year

Tractor and Mower Covers

If you own a home with any amount of property with it, odds are you have a lawnmower. And if you’re one of the millions who own a good sized parcel of land, you probably own a tractor or riding lawnmower. For many, that mower or tractor is one of your key possessions. It not only makes mowing a lawn much easier to do, but it also offers a way to get other projects done. With dump beds and other attachments available it can fill a lot of roles on your property. That’s why keeping it in great shape is so important.

Using a lawnmower cover when you’re not using your tractor style mower is one of the very best things you can do. Yes, you need to keep filters changes, tires inflated, and oil changed as well, but few steps can have such a major impact on your mower’s overall health and well-being quite like a quality mower cover can. It’s not just a seasonal thing, either – using that cover year round when you’re not on your mower will make a huge difference in the look and performance of your mower as well as in just what you and your neighbors think about it.

Lawn Mower Cover

For starters, we’ll take a look at the seasonal factor. When the fall rolls around and it’s time to store your mower for the year, a lawnmower cover is the final step in your maintenance plant. Start by checking fluid levels and making sure they’re all adequate. Next, clean your mower. This means getting any clumps of grass out of the deck and making sure that the rest of the mower is free from dirt and grime. Then cover it up. The lawnmower cover serves a lot of different purposes during the off-season.

The main thing a lawnmower cover will do is protect your mower from the elements. Things like rain and snow are no good for your mower in terms of its finish and its engine. They can damage the seat, harm the battery, flood into the engine, and cause rust and corrosion. The sun will also harm your mower’s finish, and it’s important to protect it from that as well. And plenty of lawnmower owners have discovered rodent or insect damage when they’re getting ready for the first mow of the new season. Nothing’s more annoying that planning on cutting your lawn and finding that you can’t because a mouse chewed through your fuel lines.

In the short term, using a lawnmower cover between every usage of your tractor is still a good idea. That summer sun can bake a seat and cause it to crack, split, and fall to pieces. And one quick rainstorm can indeed have an impact on rust and on your motor. Yes, your engine is likely covered by the hood of your mower but it’s still a good idea to safeguard against any possible problems. And anyone who’s sat on their lawnmower without checking the seat after a rain knows that a dry seat means a happy homeowner.

To buy your lawnmower cover you’ll really only have to match up the type of mower you own to the type of cover you buy. Sizes aren’t that precise, but you don’t want to buy a traditional riding lawnmower cover if you own a zero-radius mower. The covers will most likely be a different size in those situations. Still, taking a few minutes to look at the specific cover being bought and making the right purchase will help you give your lawnmower the kind of protection it needs.



Powersport Covers – Protecting All of your Rides

Jet Ski CoversSnowmobile CoversStorage-Black-ATV

While most of us own a vehicle, there are plenty more who own additional rides. Things like motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and even snowmobiles are all investments that help give you multiple ways to travel and can make a big difference in your life. But just like your car, all of these vehicles need to be taken care of in order to really be worth your investment. They’ll need engine maintenance, oil changes, tire changes, brake work, and all the other things that make a vehicle work properly.

They’ll also need to be stored properly, and most of us don’t have huge garages that we can park dozens of items inside of. Even if we do, a little extra protection can go a long way. Powersport covers are one area of preventative maintenance that really needs to be focused on. Whether you need an ATV cover to keep your ATV safe while hauling it to the campground, a snowmobile cover to protect your snowmobile during the summer months, or a motorcycle cover to keep the finish on your bike looking as good as new, these covers all provide protection and help you get the most from all your rides. You made an investment when you purchased them, and these covers provide the right level of protection for them.

It’s worth taking a quick look at each of these different vehicles to understand just why a cover is so important for their protection. They all share a number of points, but it’s still a good idea to look at each one on its own.

Motorcycles are usually the pride and joy of their owners. There’s something to be said for the open road, and while they’re fun to ride they’re also very economical. Fuel economy is great, the wind in your hair is amazing, and a motorcycle can easily become your primary mode of transportation. But when it’s parked, that expensive investment is at risk of damage from a number of things including the sun, rain, and more. A motorcycle cover protects it from the elements and makes sure that it looks great every time you take it on the road.

ATVs are designed to take more abuse than motorcycles since they’re really off-road machines. But they still don’t need to sit out in the elements for days or weeks. Again, the sun and the rain can wreak havoc on your ATV so it’s important to keep it under cover and keep it protected to its fullest.

Snowmobiles don’t normally make people think of covers since they’re usually out in the snow, getting soaking wet. But like an ATV, snowmobiles will suffer when they’re left exposed to the elements for too long. Using a cover helps guard against the sun, the animals, and more to keep your snowmobile looking and running great.

That’s a key thing to keep in mind with all power sport covers – they function on both the cosmetic and operational side of things. They’ll protect the finish of your machines, the seats, and the paint but will also shield vital components like brake systems, engines, and even the wheels from being damaged. Basically they provide total protection to your vehicles and make sure they work exactly the way they should and that they look their best.

When you start to shop around for power sport covers, whether it’s a motorcycle cover or an ATV cover, be sure you buy a quality one. There’s a big difference between a high quality motorcycle cover and one that you got out of the bargain bin, and once your bike suffers as a result of your decision you’ll quickly regret making a purchase like that. Buy smart and remember that you’re protecting your investment when you purchase a cover. Protection for all of your rides is easier to find than you think, and can mean the difference between expensive maintenance and a worry free season.

Creativity and Imagination in your Backyard

Commercial-95-SandboxSandboxes are as popular today as they were 50 years ago, despite the influence of television and video games. They are a sanctuary where children can escape into their very own fantasy worlds. It’s the very simplicity of sand and sandboxes which allows the imagination to run wild. Children are free to engage their creative ideas to the fullest because there is nothing about sand that suggests to children how they should play with it. It comes with no instructions and is utterly, wonderfully uncomplicated.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter whether children have access to elaborate sand tools, or cups and spoons from the kitchen, or just their hands and feet, a sandbox can transform into anything they can imagine. Will it be a construction site where skyscrapers, roads, and tunnels come to life? Or, perhaps a medieval kingdom with castles, moats, and a dragon’s lair? The only tools required are found in a child’s mind.

Just as children can be creative while playing in a sandbox, you can also be creative in the design and construction of one. From a simple one made from four pieces of wood, to a kit that includes one attached to other playground equipment, your options are endless. Always keep safety in mind when constructing and designing a sandbox. If it is not already built into a playground unit, be sure to place it in a safe area away from swing sets and slides. Also, examine your sandbox regularly to look for sharp objects, edges that could cut or splinter, and exposed nails or screws that could be harmful to children.

Not only is it important to watch for potential hazards in and around your sandbox, it is also important to keep it as clean as possible. Dirt, leaves, sticks, insects, bugs, and even the occasional visit from the neighborhood cat can turn your sandbox into a not so desirable play area for children. Using a sandbox cover is always recommended and can be as simple as a tarp or a piece of wood that fits over the top. You can also purchase a custom sandbox cover that fastens to the sandbox ensuring a secure fit. Custom sandbox covers can be made from a mesh material or from a solid material which naturally keeps all debris and rain out. These sandbox covers are durable, attractive, and come in a variety of different colors.

When it really comes down to it, sand and sandboxes are the most cost effective “toys” that you could ever provide for your children. Sandboxes encourage outdoor play in fresh air, they stimulate the imagination, and they never need to be replaced by a newer model. What’s more, sandboxes are fun for adults, too. As a parent who probably played in a sandbox as a kid, you can share special moments with your children by showing them some of your own sandbox adventures. All in all, there seems to be no limit to the value provided by the simple sandbox.

How to Choose a Car Cover, and Why It Matters

To the average automobile owner, car covers may seem like an unnecessary luxury used mostly by car collectors or by the enthusiastic young adult male who just invested in his first set of wheels. But, practical reasons abound for using car covers, and any automobile owner can benefit from using them on a regular basis.

Protection from Natural and Human Influences

One of the more obvious reasons for using car covers is to protect a vehicle from environmental damage. Depending on where you live, your car takes a multitude of abuses just by sitting on a driveway, along a street, or in a parking lot. Wind blown sand, sea salt, tree sap, bird droppings, dirt, dust, falling twigs or other debris, and weather conditions like rain, ice, and snow can take an expensive toll on a car’s exterior.

Additionally, car covers protect your car’s interior from sunlight. Interior temperatures are reduced to a more comfortable level on hot, sunny days when a car cover is in use, and interior fabrics and materials are protected from damage by the sun’s harmful UV rays. Materials like vinyl, plastics, upholstered fabrics, and leather that are exposed regularly and over extended periods of time to UV rays can become discolored, weakened, and cracked. Additional protection can be obtained by using an Auto Windshield Cover. Environmental conditions quickly age a vehicle’s interior and exterior, and car covers are one easy way to dramatically slow down that process.

Car covers are also useful for deterring theft because they keep expensive interior components out of view. And, car covers can prevent the innocent, but curious, passerby from peeking into car windows and leaving fingerprints on your car’s exterior. Thicker car covers can even prevent minor dings caused by careless neighbors in the parking lot.

Choosing the Right Car Cover

What is the best kind of car cover to choose? Comparing the available materials is an important first step. If your vehicle is kept outdoors for most or part of a day, look for a cover made with breathable material. Breathable car covers allow condensation to escape from underneath. Over time, moisture that is unable to evaporate from under car covers can cause mildew or corrosion and discoloration. Look also for a car cover that offers excellent protection from weather. The best materials are the newer, high-tech, multi-layered materials that that are lightweight, rugged, breathable, and can handle extremes in temperature and weather conditions. These materials will protect more effectively than cheaper materials like plastic or vinyl.

A car cover that fits properly is another important factor when it comes to choosing the right one for your vehicle. Covers that are too large for the vehicle can fill with air like a balloon on breezy days. If not secured well, a ballooning cover can tear or blow right off of the car. Even if the cover does not blow off of the car, the extra bit of loose fabric that whips against the car’s finish repeatedly on windy days can damage the finish over time. Car covers that fit snugly and that are equipped with elastic hems, ties, or drawstrings are the best choices. Even better are custom car covers that are made to fit your car exactly. Custom car covers generally cost more, but many automobile owners believe the extra expense is worth it.

Overall, taking care of our big investments, like vehicles, is more important than ever now that tough economic times make it difficult to trade in our existing vehicles every few years for shiny new models. Protecting a vehicle with a high quality car cover is a simple and practical way to keep that car’s exterior and interior in good condition for as long as the car continues to run.