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Clever Holiday Storage Solutions for Every Decoration

Once the holiday season wanes, the time for packing away lights and decorations comes quickly.  While taking all the seasonal decorations out at the beginning of the holidays is always a fun time full of reminiscing, putting everything back again into storage boxes at the end of the holiday season is often a dreaded chore.

The key to making the decoration storage task less of a hassle, no matter which side of the holiday season you’re on, is using the right kind of storage bins.  Cardboard boxes attract pests and can get easily lost among all of the other storage boxes in your attic or crawl space.  Plastic bags don’t offer the kind of protection needed to keep decorations safe year after year.  The best solution is the collection of storage bins and duffels made by Seasons.

The Seasons Decorations Storage Bins and Duffels include a variety of storage options that will safely and conveniently store everything including fragile ornaments, holiday twinkle lights, artificial trees and wreaths, and even inflatable yard decorations.  The advantages of the Seasons bins and duffels are that they keep your decorations protected more effectively than most other kinds of storage bins and bags, and they come in a festive cranberry color — easy to find among all the other boxes and bins in your storage area.  Each bin and duffel also has a see-through window so the contents can be easily determined with one glance.

The Seasons Decorations Storage Bins and Duffels are a smart solution for keeping your holiday decorations in beautiful shape for many years.

Seasons Holiday Lights Storage Duffel  Seasons Wreath Storage Bag - Large  Seasons Ornament Organizer and Storage Bin

Snowmobiles and Snow Add Up to Adventure — Unless…


Protect with Snowmobile Covers

…that is, unless your snowmobile isn’t working properly because it’s covered in dirt and gunk.  Whether you’re transporting your snowmobile to the next adventure, or just storing it away until the snow falls again, keep in mind the importance of protecting it with a Snowmobile Cover.  Maintaining a snowmobile properly means ensuring that all of its components stay in good working order, free from dirt, dust, and environmental exposure.  An unprotected snowmobile suffers damage from wear and tear more quickly than one that is covered when not in use. Keep your snowmobile ready for that next big snow fall and your next outdoor adventure!

Snowmobile Covers

Escaping Winter? Don’t Forget to Cover Up – RV Covers

Planning to escape winter this year?  Those of you lucky enough to own a recreational vehicle know that liberating feeling associated with being able to simply pack up and go whenever the mood strikes.  For many, that mood strikes once the white flakes start falling from the sky.

How RV enthusiasts choose to spend their time away from home can vary greatly.  What’s your preference?  Do you like to drive to parts unknown, exploring new and warmer climates until it’s time to head back north?  Or, do you prefer to find a lovely spot to park your home-on-wheels for the duration of the season?  No matter.  Anyway you do it is the right way.

Whether you’re parked for the night or parked for the season, keep in mind the importance of protecting your home-away-from-home with a rugged RV cover.  RV covers are available for any type of recreational vehicle, and they go a long way to slow down the wear and tear suffered by RVs as a result of exposure to dirt, harsh weather, and other environmental conditions.  RV covers ensure that you can escape winter for many more years to come.

Class A RV Covers Folding Camper Trailer Covers Class B RV Covers

How to Make Snow Throwing Your Favorite Winter Activity


Using the Snow Thrower

Have you had much snow yet?  Here in Chicago, the weather has been unseasonably mild, but I can feel it coming.  Snow, and lots of it, will be here sooner than we all probably expect, no matter where we live.  That’s why I feel compelled to share with you my absolute favorite snowy wintertime activity.  Using the snow thrower. No, I’m not crazy.  In fact, using the snow thrower was on the top of my “I’d rather do anything else in the world” list until I found a handy helper that makes the job kind of fun.  I used to avoid my turn with the snow thrower because my face, hands, torso, and everything else would suffer from icy winds and flying, freezing snow.  The entire experience was more than a little unpleasant and left me in a terrible mood. Enter the Snow Thrower Cab.  A friend first told me about this simple little device, and I thank her every year when theSnow Thrower Cab Enclosures snow piles up on my driveway.  The snow thrower cab enclosure attaches to the snow thrower and keeps my hands, face, and upper body dry and protected from the worst of the biting winds and freezing snow. I’m actually looking forward to our first big snowfall now because I’ve missed my little snow thrower and its handy cab enclosure.  It’s made all the difference.

Safety Cover Repair Program Makes Peace of Mind Easy

Weather can take a tremendous toll on our outdoor furnishings, which is why using protective covers for patio furniture, gas grills, and anything else you wish to preserve is so vital.  But, what happens when the cover itself becomes damaged?  I’m referring specifically to the most important cover a homeowner uses if the home includes a swimming pool in the backyard.

Pool safety covers offer homeowners, especially those with children or pets, some peace of mind because the job of a safety cover is to prevent accidental submersion and drownings in the swimming pool.  Many homeowners choose to cover their pools with a safety cover for the winter season rather than a winter pool cover because safety covers offer that additional element of safety.  If a child or animal wanders onto a properly installed safety cover, it will protect that child or animal from falling into the pool.

What if, though, your safety cover becomes damaged?  Safety covers can be punctured, torn, or in some other way damaged by the effects of harsh weather conditions and render the safety cover unsafe.  Tending to this situation as soon as possible is important, but complete replacement of the safety cover is not always necessary.

Pool Safety Cover Repair/Replacement for Solid and Mesh Safety Covers

How can you tell if your cover can be repaired?  MightyCovers can help.  The safety cover repair program offered by works like this…

Visit and complete the Safety Cover Repair/Replacement form.  Fax the form, and they will send you  a box for shipping your cover back along with a prepaid return label.  MightyCovers pays shipping both ways as a courtesy to their customers.

Next, remove the hardware from your safety cover (springs and buckles),  place your cover into the provided box, tape it securely, place the prepaid UPS shipping label on the box, and take it to a local UPS shipping outlet.

When MightyCovers receives your damaged cover, they will inspect it to determine if a repair can be made or if complete replacement is necessary.  Once determined, they e-mail you a quote on the repair/replacement.  If you choose to have the repairs done, you will at that time provide them with payment information. If, on the other hand, you decide that you do not want your cover repaired or replaced, MightyCovers will ship it back to you at no charge to you.

MightyCovers understands the vital importance of safety covers for swimming pools, so their goal is to make the process of cover repair or replacement as easy as possible for homeowners and ensure that peace of mind can be maintained.

Fore! Four Essential Extras for the Golfing Guru

If you know and love a golfer, then you know how dedicated they can be when it comes to their game.  Some will spend hours upon hours on the course working to improve their skills and lower that score.  Ensuring that your golf guru stays comfortable during those long days on the links means providing him or her with a few essential extras.

1.  Golf car seat blanket — keep the seat warm and dry, or use it to cover up on chilly days when traveling to the next hole.

Golf Car Seat Blanket

2.  Golf Cart Organizer — multiple compartments hold extra balls, tees, and personal items like cell phones, maps, and more.  This handy helper keeps all the important stuff in one convenient spot.

Golf Car Organizer

3.  Golf car enclosures — unless there’s lightning, many golfers brave the elements to finish the game.  When equipped with a three- or four-sided golf car enclosure, your golfer can wait out poor weather conditions right on the course by seeking shelter within the enclosed golf car.  When bad weather passes by, your golfer can get right back to the game without further delay.

Deluxe 4-Sided Golf Enclosures

4.  Golf Mitts for Push Carts — some die-hard golfers scoff at the idea of driving a golf car and prefer to transport their clubs with a push cart.  Ensure those hands stay toasty warm with a pair of push cart golf mitts.  The mitts attach to the cart so they won’t ever get misplaced.

Golf Mitts for Push Carts

How Do I Protect My Pegasus?

Or for that matter, how does one protect any kind of custom sculpture, whether it is a marble winged horse, an abstract iron structure, or even a custom bird bath?  Outdoor sculptures and structures are intended to be exposed to the elements, but there are times when protection from severe weather and damaging environmental conditions is necessary.

Throwing a tarp over an unusually shaped piece of art will not usually succeed in complete coverage.  Plus, the material from which tarps are constructed does not provide adequate protection for whatever lies underneath.  The answer to the question, “how do I protect my Pegasus” can be answered simply… Call MightyCovers.

The skilled and experienced hands at can make any kind of protective cover for any thing that requires coverage.  It’s simple, really.  Just provide digital photos and dimensions to the design team, and they’ll construct a custom cover that will protect your precious Pegasus through the harshest weather.