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‘Tis the Season for Your Snow Thrower


Snow Thrower Cover

Do you get the feeling that your snow thrower is going to come in handy this winter?  I know I do. Those of us who have already had to clear snow this season know that there are many long, cold, and frosty months ahead of us. One of the worst things we can do when we rely so heavily on equipment, like snow throwers, to help us maintain our home and property is to neglect that equipment.  In order to take proper care of the snow thrower, it’s important to follow the instructions for regular maintenance that can be found in the owner’s manual. It’s also a good idea to take that extra step of covering the snow thrower with a protective snow thrower cover when it’s not in use.  When we take proper care of our equipment, we can be sure that it will take proper care of us — especially when we’re hip deep in that white stuff.

Prevent Windshield Scraping This Winter


Auto Windshield Cover

As much as we may not wish to think about it, snow is coming.  Maybe not tomorrow; maybe not next week.  But, it’s coming, and the worst thing to do is to watch it arrive unprepared. If you park your vehicle at any time of day or night in an uncovered parking area — the driveway, a parking lot, the side of a road — you know the hassle that can arise from having to scrape, scrape, scrape the ice and snow off of your windshield before you are able to safely drive.  Scraping is a time consuming, cold, wet, and miserable task, but it doesn’t have to be. One smart and affordable solution is an Auto Windshield Cover that lies on top of your windshield blocking the formation of ice and keeping snow off of the glass.  Be sure to choose a windshield cover that attaches with straps to the inside of the vehicle so that it stays securely in place.  When you’re ready to drive away, you can quickly and easily remove the cover and any snow or ice that may have accumulated on top of the cover.  Windshield Covers can also be used on hot, sunny days to block UV rays and prevent excessively hot interior temperatures. The Auto Windshield Cover is a smart solution for year round use and makes a clever gift idea.

What Is a Winter Pool Cover?


Winter pool covers are used mainly to protect a swimming pool from winter weather and to keep limbs, leaves, dirt, and other debris from falling into the pool. For an in ground pool, a winter cover is held in place with water bags placed around the edge inside sleeves which are attached to the cover. An above ground pool uses the same type of winter cover, but it is held in place by a combination winch and cable assembly that runs through grommets in the cover. Inflatable air pillows rest on the water under the winter cover to make stick and leaf removal easier, and they also help water to run off the cover. Additionally, a winter cover blocks sunlight to inhibit algae growth.

A winter cover is an important part of winterizing your pool, and it makes opening your pool in the spring much easier and less expensive.

In Ground Winter Pool Covers    Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

Car Covers Are Only One Step in Preventing Scratches


Car Covers and Truck Covers


Three Common Problems and Three Easy Solutions

Many vehicle owners who use car covers often find themselves in a curious and frustrating situation — no matter how well they care for their car, they still find scratches and abrasions that mar the otherwise flawless finish. Chances are, too, that these minor damages appear in unusual places on the car that cannot be attributed to parking lot incidents or driving mishaps. Surprisingly, many abrasions and scratches are unwittingly the fault of the car owner. By understanding some of the more common reasons for these surface damages, though, a car owner can easily prevent many of them from occurring in the first place. Covering a Dirty Vehicle Even if drivers use car covers to protect their vehicles, regular washing is still required to keep the surface of the car clean. Dirt, leaves, or other debris that may be present on a car when the car cover is placed on top can actually damage the finish. When the car cover rubs against the dirt or debris on the car’s exterior, the dirt acts as an abrasive that causes scratches and other surface damage. Making a regular appearance at the car wash is an easy solution that can help prevent dirt from building up and creating problems. Using a Dirty Car Cover Keeping car covers clean is just as important as keeping a vehicle’s exterior clean. Many car owners, especially when pressed for time, have a tendency to wad up the cover and toss it in the trunk or on the floor of a garage when it’s time to drive. Drivers should avoid this impulse, though. Any dirt or debris in the trunk or on the garage floor can be easily picked up by the cover and then transferred to the car’s surface when the cover is replaced. Just as with a dirty car, a dirty car cover can rub against the finish and cause abrasions and scratches. When not in use, car covers should be stored neatly in a bag to keep them clean. Improper Covering Technique It’s a natural instinct to cover and uncover a vehicle by sliding the car cover across the vehicle’s surface. Sliding a cover on and off is an efficient way to do it, but it’s also a potential cause for some of the curious surface damages that car owners may find on the vehicle. Once again, the existence of dirt or debris is to blame. Any dirt or debris on the car’s exterior or on the car cover itself can cause surface abrasions as the cover slides across the finish. Instead of sliding car covers on and off, drivers should roll or fold them as they go. Doing so can prevent damage from occurring. Preventing all car scratches and abrasions from happening is probably not possible. Taking a little extra effort, though, to keep a vehicle clean, to stow car covers more carefully, and to use better techniques when covering and uncovering a vehicle can go a long way in preventing some of the mysterious surface damages that appear on a car’s exterior.