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Custom Protection Means Better Performance and a Longer Life

In case you don’t already know, all ATVs are not built the same.  Lift kits, specialty tires, and upgraded exhaust systems are just a few of the custom “tweaks” owners can choose to achieve the ultimate in performance and power.  Customized All-Terrain Vehicles give riders the ability to race faster and look cooler in their own one-of-a-kind vehicle.

With so much time, effort, and expense put into building and maintaining a custom ATV, it makes no sense to leave that custom creation unprotected when it’s not in use.  Standard variety ATV covers can’t do a proper job of protecting a custom vehicle, so having a Custom ATV Cover made is the best option.  A custom ATV cover fits the vehicle perfectly, and it protects the ATV and all of its components from dirt and dust as well as from damage caused by exposure to weather, which is crucial if the vehicle is parked or stored outdoors for any length of time.

It’s probably no surprise to learn that a well protected vehicle performs better and requires less maintenance over time.  Because of this, ATV owners who insist on the best custom features for their ATV should also insist on the best custom protection.

Custom Furniture Deserves More Than Standard Protection


Made by you or made for you, custom patio furniture is one-of-a-kind and deserves custom protection so that you can enjoy it for years ahead.  Custom patio furniture covers allow you to adequately protect your uniquely designed outdoor furniture in a way that standard covers simply cannot.

Standard patio furniture covers are exactly that…standard.  They are constructed to fit the most common shapes and sizes of furniture, but they fall significantly short when it comes to custom furniture.  A proper fit requires a personalized approach.  With custom patio furniture covers, you provide the dimensions and indicate the desired material and features.  The result is a rugged, carefully made cover that protects your one-of-a-kind furniture creation against harsh weather and the premature aging that comes with prolonged exposure to the elements.

Find the Sandbox Cover That’s Right for You!

Custom Sandbox Cover
Keeping the sand in your child’s sandbox clean and free of debris can seem like a year round chore! In addition to keeping out trash (and neighborhood cats), you might also worry about keeping the sand as dry as possible. Choosing the right custom sand box covers can make sandbox maintenance a breeze! A custom cover can be made to fit any sandbox, and there are several materials available. Marine grade vinyl and  poured rubber are two options that offer maximum strength and protection. They are both waterproof and will keep sand fresh and dry.  Commercial 95, which is UV resistant, and vinyl mesh materials are not waterproof, but they are breathable and will keep debris out of your sand. With these materials, there is no chance of rain buildup on the top of the cover. The mesh covers allow you to view into the sandbox while the cover is on. You can even customize the way your covers attaches to the sandbox (grommets or snaps) or forego closures at all. Multiple colors are available no matter which material you choose. With so many options, you are sure to create a cover that is a perfect fit and look for your sandbox!

Custom Protection Ensures a Future of Family Fun


Boat Covers - StormPro™ Pontoon Boat Covers

Whether you’re fishing casually with the family or out cruising on the water with friends, pontoon boats offer one of the most safe and comfortable boating experiences around.  Many pontoon boats come equipped with comfortable features like couch seating, lounge and swivel seats, and wide, spacious decks.  Thanks to twin hulls and a broad stance, pontoon boats are exceptionally stable.  This, plus the addition of side rails and gates, makes pontoon boats an ideal choice for families with smaller children.

To protect pontoon boats when they are not on the water, whether in storage or in transit, they should be covered with a high quality, durable boat cover specifically designed for pontoon boats.  Since pontoon boats range from 16 feet in length to 30 feet, and since they can be customized with shade awnings as well as a second level, finding a protective cover that fits properly may be a challenge.  To adequately protect a pontoon boat, it is worth the extra expense to have custom pontoon boat covers made.

Ensuring proper protection can keep a boat in top shape for many years ahead.  Today’s children who enjoy cruising on the water with Mom and Dad are tomorrow’s parents who can share that same joy with their own kids.

Shade Sail Solutions – Custom and Stock!

Shade Sails
If you are looking for a fun and unique way to get your backyard ready for warmer weather, shade sails are a great option. Patio shade sail are areas of fabric that are stretched tight to create shade to any area of your patio or other outdoor area. They can be attached to homes, trees, or columns, or they can be a completely free-standing structure supported by wood posts or steel columns. Shade sails are UV resistant to keep you from the sun’s harmful rays and some material are almost completely waterproof! There are many colors and shapes to choose from, but if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, custom shade sails are available!