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Custom Covers for Anything! Just Ask!

Custom Covers

While Mighty Covers has a huge selection of covers in stock to fit almost everything around your home, we also specialize in creating the perfect custom covers to fit any and everything around your home.  Equipment, statues, and odd-shaped furniture can all be covered to your exact specifications. We recently made a custom cover for a queen sized outdoor day bed. Because the item was so large and need an exact fit, a stock cover simply wouldn’t provide the level or protection needed. We worked with our manufacturer and the customer’s specifications to create a one of a kind, custom cover. If there is something large, unique, or oddly shaped that you need to cover, we can offer the solution. Straps, ties, grommets, and zippers can be customized at your request. Let us know what we can cover for YOU!

Uncovering & Preventing Mysterious Scratches

Car Covers

Abrasions and scratches can seem to appear mysteriously on your car’s exterior, even when you use a car cover for protection.  Preventing many of those mysterious marks can be done easily once you know some possible reasons for their existence.

  • Is your car clean?  Even if you use a car cover to protect your vehicle, you still need to keep the surface of the car clean.  Dirt, leaves, or other debris left sitting on your car when you put the car cover on can actually damage the finish.  When the car cover rubs against the dirt or debris sitting on the car’s exterior, the dirt acts as an abrasive that causes scratches and other surface damage.
  • Is your car cover clean?  Keeping your car cover clean is just as important as keeping your car’s exterior clean.  When you take the cover off of the car, avoid the impulse to wad it up and toss it in the trunk.  Any dirt or debris that’s in your trunk can be easily picked up by the cover and then transferred to your car’s surface when the cover is replaced.  When your car cover is not in use, store it neatly in a bag.
  • Do you slide your cover on and off?  When putting the car cover on your car, and when removing it, do you slide the cover across the surface of your car?  Any dirt or debris on the car’s exterior or on the car cover itself can cause surface abrasions as the cover slides across the finish.  Instead, roll the car cover or fold it as you go rather than sliding the cover.  By doing so, you can prevent scratches or other abrasive damage to your car’s finish.

Leaf Nets Keep Your Pool Cover Covered!

Leaf Nets
Autumn is a beautiful time of year! Crisp, cool afternoons and falling leaves make for many picturesque scenes. However, the same falling leaves that look beautiful in the air and on the ground can make a not so beautiful mess on your winter pool cover! The leaves accumulate and gather moisture, becoming a wet, decaying disaster on your pool cover. Not only is it unappealing in a sensory way, it will also make removing your winter cover in the spring very messy and difficult. Leaf nets offer the perfect solution! You simply stretch the leaf net over your existing cover and its lightweight, mesh design will catch all of the leaves that land on your pool cover. It it easy to remove and will bring all of the leaves with it. It will make opening your pool in the spring a breeze!

Throwing Snow? Protect Yourself in a Cab

Snow Thrower Cabs

It’ll be here sooner than you think…snow.  Are you prepared?  Have you checked your snow thrower to see that it is still in good working order?  Do you have a Snow Thrower Cab for protection?  If not, try to remember using the snow thrower during last year’s snow…

The freezing wind blows the loose, wet snow into your face and down your neck.  It doesn’t matter how many layers of winter clothing and outerwear you have on, that biting wind and icy snow find a way in, making the job of clearing your driveway and sidewalks a never-ending nightmare.  After you finish, there’s little room for satisfaction because you know that you’ll have to pull out the snow thrower again in a few days after the next snow falls.

Something as simple as a Snow Thrower Cab can make the chore of clearing snow immeasurably more pleasant.  A cab protects your head, torso, and hands from exposure to wind and moisture, which allows you to complete the job more effectively and with much less discomfort.  A Snow Thrower Cab attaches easily to your two-stage snow thrower, and it can be removed quickly for storage.

A Tarp Is Not Always the Answer

Car Covers

A tarp is a fabulously handy and versatile friend for the homeowner.  A standard, solid tarp can keep a stack of firewood dry, serve as an easily movable surface on which to dump yard waste, and protect your garage, basement, or workshop floor during messy projects.  A tarp, though, should never be used as a car cover.

Car covers are constructed of breathable materials that allow moisture to evaporate from between the cover and the car’s surface.  Solid tarps are not breathable, and if used regularly as a car cover, a tarp can actually damage the exterior of your car.  Trapped moisture can cause discoloration, corrosion, and mildew.  So, save the tarp for the wood pile or the garage floor, and invest in a proper car cover that will adequately protect your car from moisture and other potentially damaging environmental factors.