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Don’t Neglect Your Patio Umbrella This Winter


Patio Umbrella Cover

As summer winds down, it’s a good time to start thinking about how you plan to protect your outdoor patio furniture when it’s not being used during the colder months.  Do you have a large enough shed or storage area to put all that furniture away?  Many people don’t, so investing in high quality Patio Furniture Covers is essential for ensuring that your furniture stays properly protected through all kinds of weather.

The patio umbrella is often the most neglected piece of outdoor furniture when it comes to covering the patio furniture.  Many people don’t realize that they can cover their patio or market umbrella, too.  Patio umbrellas tend not to last more than a couple of years when they have to endure harsh winter weather without protection, but with a Patio Umbrella Cover, you can enjoy your umbrella for many years to come.

Winter Pool Cover Accessories


Cover PumpCover Clips

Even though the temperatures are soaring right now, it will be time to close your pool before you know it. If you already have a pool cover, you have made a wise investment that will keep your pool fresh and protected until next spring. There are several accessories available to help keep your cover in place and functioning properly. Swimming pool cover pumps are designed to remove water from your pool cover. They are available in manual or automatic models and will ensure that your cover does not sag and pool from rain/snow water. Cover clips are another important accessory to make sure your above ground pool cover stays in place for winter. They work like a clothes pin to hold your winter cover on tight. They reduce the wear and tear on your cover so that it will last years to come. These, as well as many other cover accessories, are designed to keep your pool clean and protected all winter long. They are a wise investment for any pool owner.

All Season Windshield Cover Makes Life a Bit Easier


Auto Windshield Cover

Which is your least favorite thing to do…sit in a sweltering sun-baked car interior while waiting desperately for the air conditioning to kick in, or feverishly brush and scrape the snow and ice from the windshield in the wee hours of the morning before driving to work?  It’s a toughy.  It’s also a fact of life for many people who drive vehicles that sit on driveways or in parking lots for any significant amount of time over the course of a 24-hour day.

With an all season Windshield Cover, you can avoid both of these uncomfortable situations, and then some.  A windshield cover blocks out the sun’s rays, keeping the interior of your vehicle much cooler than it would be without a windshield cover.  And, because this particular cover attaches to the outside of the windshield rather than to the inside, it prevents ice and snow from building up on your windshield in winter.  No more brushing and scraping, and your view while driving is no longer obstructed by any leftover ice or snow.

Solar Pool Covers Can Extend the Swimming Season


 Solar Pool Cover

With fall quickly approaching, the hot days will begin to turn cool and pools all over the country will be closing. Why not invest in something now to extend your swimming season? Solar pool covers are the perfect option. Solar covers, or blankets, are like big pieces of bubble wrap that work to catch heat and transmit it to your pool water. They also help to retain heat overnight to add extra warmth to the pool. Placement and removal are a breeze because the cover floats freely on the pool’s surface and is not tied down. Available in round or rectangular, they can all raise your pool’s temperatures up to 15 degrees with daily use. Let yourself and your family enjoy your pool longer into the fall with an inexpensive and useful solar blanket.

Ensure Privacy with an RV Windshield Cover


RV Windshield Cover

Travelling in an RV is one of the ultimate freedoms we can experience.   Everything we need is within our reach in an RV — except complete privacy when it’s time to enjoy the evening or go to sleep.  Sure, most of the windows have shades or blinds, but the windshield and driver’s and passenger’s windows are usually left uncovered.  It’s hard to feel completely secure when your family’s activities are on view to anyone who may stroll by and peek into the front windows of your RV.

Heavy duty, waterproof vinyl RV Windshield Covers provide you with the privacy you need to fully enjoy each day of your restful vacation.  An RV Windshield Cover fits quickly and easily over your windshield and front windows, and it stays in place thanks to security straps that lock inside the door.  It’s an easy and affordable way to prevent your activities from becoming someone else’s entertainment.